July 04, 2021 Worship Service Bulletin

 Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church

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Trinity Season                   July 04, 2021                

*Responsive Call to Worship    (Psalm 50:1-7)

   The Mighty One, God the LORD, speaks and summons the earth from the rising of the sun to its setting.

            Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God shines forth.

   Our God comes; He does not keep silence;

            Before Him is a devouring fire, around Him a mighty tempest.

   He calls to the heavens above and to the earth, that He may judge His people:

            “Gather to Me My faithful ones, who made a covenant with Me by sacrifice!”

   The heavens declare His righteousness, for God Himself is judge!

            “Hear, O my people, and I will speak;

            O Israel, I will testify against you.

            I am God, your God.


*Hymn #809                         “God of Our Fathers”                                                                                                     


*Profession of Faith - Westminster Short Catechism #83,84

   Are all transgressions of the law equally heinous?

            Some sins in themselves, and by reason of several aggravations,

            are more heinous in the sight of God than others.

   What doth every sin deserve?

            Every sin deserveth God's wrath and curse, both in this life, and that which is to come.


Epistolary Lesson               Ephesians 4:25                                                                    (page 978)


Affirmation of Holy Scripture (Psalm 119:169)

                Let my cry come before You, O LORD;

            give me understanding according to Your Word!


*Hymn                                     “By Thy Mercy”

   1. Jesus, Lord of life and glory, Bend from heaven thy gracious ear;

    While our waiting souls adore thee, Friend of helpless sinners, hear:

   2. From the depth of nature's blindness, From the hardening power of sin,

    From all malice and unkindness, From the pride that lurks within,

   Refrain: By thy mercy, O deliver us, good Lord

                 By thy mercy, O deliver us, good Lord, good Lord.

   3. When temptation sorely presses, In the day of Satan's power,

    In our times of deep distresses, In each dark and trying hour.

   4. When the world around is smiling, In the time of wealth and ease,

    Earthly joys our hearts beguiling, In the day of health and peace. (Refrain)

   5. In the weary hours of sickness, In the times of grief and pain,

    When we feel our mortal weakness, When all human help is vain.

   6. In the solemn hour of dying, In the awful judgment day,

    May our souls, on thee relying, Find thee still our Rock and Stay. (Refrain)


Announcements, Offertory & Greetings


Sermon                                             “He Will Make Us True”                                        John W. Uhl, Pastor


*Hymn                  “Jesus, Lover of My Soul”                                                           Wesley, Thompson                   

1. Jesus, lover of my soul, Let me to Thy bosom fly,

    While the nearer waters roll, While the tempest still is high.

    Hide me, O my Savior, hide, Til life’s storm is past;

    Safe into the haven guide; Receive my soul at last.

2. Other refuge have I none, I helpless, hang on Thee;

    Leave, oh leave me not alone, Support and comfort me.

    All my trust on Thee is stayed, All help from Thee I bring;

    Cover my defenseless head In the shadow of Thy wing.

3. Thou, O Christ, are all I want, Here more than all I find;

    Raise the fallen, cheer the faint, Heal the sick, and lead the blind.

    Just and holy is Thy Name, I am all unrighteousness;

    False and full of sin I am; Thou art full of truth and grace.

4. Plenteous grace with Thee is found, Grace to cover all my sin;

    Let the healing streams abound; Make and keep me pure within.

    Thou of life the fountain art, Let me take of Thee;

    Spring Thou up within my heart; For all eternity.


Corporate & Individual Confession of Sins

   God, our heavenly Father, we cry out for more mercy and grace,

   for no day of our lives passes without proving us guilty in Your sight.

   We confess to You our struggle with unforgiving hearts.

   We often receive Your blessings with thankless hearts.

   We acknowledge to You our anxious hearts

   which are slow to believe You have our best interests in mind.

   We plead Your forgiveness for our fearful hearts

   that doubt whether Your promises in Christ are true.

   Create in us a clean heart, O God

   and bury our sins in the ocean of Jesus’ reconciling blood.

   For we make our prayer in His wonderful name.


Assurance of the Lord’s Pardon (Psalm 50:14,15)

   Offer to God a sacrifice of thanksgiving, and perform your vows to the Most High,

            And call upon Me in the day of trouble;

            I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me.”


The Bread & The Cup 


*Benediction with Congregational Response                “Three-fold Amen”



*You are invited to Stand when prompted.


New Guests - We are so glad to have the privilege of worshiping the Lord with you. Please fill out one of our “Guest Cards” found on the table in the Narthex. This will help us in responding to any of your questions or needs. You can place them in the offertory plate or hand it to our pastor.


The Lord’s Supper - We celebrate the Lord’s Supper every Sunday at Grace Covenant. All who trust in Jesus and Him alone for their salvation are invited to partake. Our custom is to distribute the elements processing forward by rows. After all are served, we then take the elements together. If you have a non-communing child, please bring them forward with you so Pastor John may pray for them. If you believe your child is ready to take Communion, please ask our Pastor about the process. 


Cry Room - This special room is located in the back of the sanctuary should you have need. It is well appointed with the option to clearly hear the service.


John W. Uhl, Pastor * pastor@gcpcingram.org; Church Office * office@gcpcingram.org;

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