May 2, 2021 Sermon Outline

Sermon Outline for May 2, 2021


“Behind the Sermon on the Mount”


SERMON TEXT Matthew 5:1-48


REFERENCE TEXTS  Genesis 1:20-28, Genesis 9:1-7






Jesus’ emphasis in His ministry;  Consistency  with the Old Testament, yet something new

   OLD:  He kept the law, matched the image of the Messiah, paid God’s prescribed price for human sin

   NEW: Jesus is the ultimate revelation of God and His character; the Word made flesh


Matthew passages for guide as to how Sermon on the Mount connects with the Old Testament

     Matthew 5:22 and 5:48


Old Testament passages as a foundation to the Sermon on the Mount

     Genesis 1:20-28 and 9:1-7          


Matthew 5:2-11 Relates to bearing the Imago Dei  (bearing the image of God)


Matthew 5:13-16  Relates to the Imago Dei and the chief end of man


Matthew 5:17-20  Relates to human beings’ creation for relationship with God; 


Matthew 5:21-26  Relates to respect for the Imago Dei in others


Matthew 5:27-32  Relates to respecting the Imago Dei in others and the value we place on

                               being rightly related to our Heavenly Father


Matthew 5:33-37  Relates to knowing our place as creatures who bear God’s image


Matthew 5:38-42  Relates to bearing the Imago Dei and therefore imitating godly forbearance


Matthew 5:43-48  Relates to us bearing the Imago Dei and recognizing the same in others         



Christian perfection means expressing our divine qualities (the Imago Dei) in even the worst circumstances    


        Social/Business relationships

        How and with whom we spend our money

        What we choose as entertainment

        Am I engaged in activities that spread the Gospel with its fruits and benefits


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